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Logging In To cPanel

Step 1)  CPanel can be accessed by entering your website domain (www.yoursite.com) followed by “/cpanel” into the browser address bar. So it would look like this “www.yoursite.com/cpanel”.


www.yoursite.com/cpanel is the easiest way to access CPanel for your website but you can also use “www.yoursite.com:2082/” and “your-site-ip:2082”, I suggest sticking with “www.yoursite.com/cpanel”.

Step 2)  You will be prompted for a username and password, this is the username and password sent to you after signing up. Enter your username and password then click “OK”.

The request should look something like this;



Step 3)  That’s it, you should now be confronted with the CPanel User Interface.

Additional Information:

Please see the Video Tutorial HERE

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